PYRESCOM is specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative solutions on the basis of electronic devices which allows acquisition data and their retrieval into Business softwares.

PYRESCOM designs, builds and markets innovative solutions based on data acquisition electronics merged with profession-specific software packages.

From Design through Production, project supervision through Web development, PYRESCOM integrates the entire skill mix to ensure providing you with products and solutions to match your specifications.

PYRESCOM designs products that enable acquiring data in all its forms.

The information is retrieved through software, written for the specific needs of each profession using the solution, whether locally or remotely.


Since its creation in 1984, PYRES, short for Pyrenees Communications Networks, has been simplifying data acquisitions-retrieval processes, thanks to 3 major innovations.

During the 1980’s, PYRESCOM won renown for AXE-TWIN, , a protocol converter directly linked to Twinax IBM, satisfying the file opening needs expressed by IBM 3x and AS/400 users.

PYRESCOM constituted a team in perpetual search for innovation, armed with a development strategy targeting responsiveness to client needs.

Subsequently, TERMOD converted its production from industrial terminals to employee clocking systems, while incorporating all computing platforms.

TERMOD has remained the market reference in badge reader terminals for over 20 years, ever since the release of its initial version.

The access control software, e-AXE’S, has naturally been added to the company’s product catalogue in view of meeting our clients’ expectations.

Other professional solutions have been developed, chief among them being the supervision of waste dump access and refuse, i.e. CYJET.

Upon the first release of automated external defibrillators (AED) at public venues, PYRESCOM designed and developed the AIVIA device.

This cabinet serves to protect AED, in addition to real-time monitoring (AED status, temperature or opening alarm with photo recordings, distress call to emergency services, etc.).

On the same technological basis as the other PYRESCOM products, AIVIA enables data acquisition, processing, event generation, etc.

Regarding the BATNRJ monitoring solution, the acquisition step encompasses all of a building’s energy consumption and comfort data.

Recorded in a concentrated format, these data are then processed and archived on a Web platform to allow visualising the building’s performance and its optimised condition, as well as generating alerts and reports.


The satisfaction of our clients lies at the heart of our voluntary commitment effort focusing on both quality and the environment.

Since 2010, PYRESCOM has been ISO 14001-certified, and its ISO 9001 certification dates from 2011.

PYRESCOM relies on its management system when defining its Quality and Environmental policies around 4 strategic initiatives:

  • Ensuring that clients are satisfied
  • Continuously improving the quality and environment management system through including performance and innovation
  • Controlling and enhancing relationships built with the various stakeholders
  • Monitoring and mitigating our impact on the environment.