Class’Air offers the possibility to relay information on CO2 levels, along with Temperature, Relative Humidity and Pressure.

The Class’Air sensor complies with Decree No. 2012-14 relative to the measurement of indoor air pollutants within public buildings, especially day care centres.

This sensor has been designed, under CSTB Research Institute licence, to carry out measurement campaigns (by COFRAC-accredited bodies) and for the instructional purpose of raising awareness..

The three-colour LEDs light up depending on the configured alert thresholds , enabling a simple and intuitive visualisation.
These thresholds may be defined either in the Class’Air software programme or directly on the sensor.

The datalogger option allows recovering and interpreting the recorded data, in addition to calculating the ICONE index.

By virtue of NDIR technology, the calibration certificate and the fact that Class’Air has been approved by the Indoor Air Quality Observatory, the high-precision CO2 probe has been deemed a reliable and efficient product..


The Class’Air Web application proposes an intuitive, straightforward and detailed interface for the centralisation and expert processing of air quality data.

The 3-indicator LED CO2 analyser has been directly derived from the CO2-Temperature-Humidity-Pressure recorder that’s part of the Class’Air solution used by the majority of indoor air quality monitoring industry actors, especially Public Buildings, in response to Decree No. 2012-14 enacted on 5th January 2012.

This CO2 detector, which is compact, lightweight and deliberately neutral in appearance, naturally blends in with the measurement environment. (e.g. schools, day care facilities, offices)

This analyser indicates, on an ongoing basis, the measured air quality according to CO2 level in the zone (thresholds configurable in the plant and through use of the corresponding software) with as basic settings:

  • Lit green LED => good air quality
  • Lit yellow LED => average air quality, zone ventilation is advised
  • Lit red LED => poor air quality, it is necessary to ventilate the zone or air out the room.


The Class’Air sensor featuring the datalogger option is both an air quality measurement tool and a data recording solution for managing measurement campaigns.

The Class’Air + analyser measures and records, as part of its “Datalogger” function, the following magnitudes: CO2 level, temperature, humidity, and pressure.

The process to start/stop measurement recordings, by use of a magnetic badge and its status indication buzzer, facilitates device initiation.

The Class’Air + analyser communicates, via its USB docking station, with the software application that allows retrieving and interpreting recorded data.

The specific software interface furnished has the following main functions:

  • Communication with the sensor and sensor configuration (thresholds of the 3 LEDS, activation of beep tones)
  • Campaign management (measurement recovery, calculation of the ICONE index)