The entire PYRES.COM design office has been focused on equipping the new TERMOD with a time management-oriented optimisation in an elegant design, while maintaining the reliability and ease of use of the product that initially forged its reputation.


  • Guidance for the user in identifying and recording work time and attendance time.
  • Data consultation (input/output flows, holiday leave, travel, etc.)
  • Data entry (missions, holiday leave, events, etc.)
  • Interactivity enhanced by interfacing capacities adapted to the projects (CLOUD/SAAS, ORACLE, etc.)


  • Simple and quick installation, preliminary configuration in the plant
  • Secure operations in the event of server downtime or electrical malfunction
  • Increased compatibility with respect to existing installations


  • Colour graphics screen, tactile functionality as an option
  • Library of images to personalise your buttons and application pictograms
  • A design combining modernity and ergonomics


By developing or integrating all the various acquisition techniques (proximity, RFID, magnetic, barcode, certified biometrics, hand morphology, etc.) and by conducting a technological review on all the new approaches (in terms of both networks and readers), offers a tracking service and leapfrogs the technologies currently available on the market.

Displays / Retrieval

  • Colour graphics screen (64 K)
  • With a 4’’3 base (text: 12 x 40, graphics: 480 x 272)
  • Personalisation of images, logo, icons, etc.
  • 3 visual indicators on the front face (battery, reader, network)
  • Multi-tone “buzzer” – OPTION: 5’’7 tactile version (graphics 640 x 480)

Data entry devices

  • Contactless readers (RFID 13.56 MHz MIFARE, DESFIRE, NFC, 125 kHz, HID, etc.)
  • Barcode, Magnetic, Certified Biometric readers
  • Owners’ badge readers using a Wiegand or ISO2 interface
  • 17-key keyboard: 5 function keys + number pad


  • Date/time, backup saves – Time offset depending on the preset time zone
  • Automatic time adjustment (from the server or NTP network service)


  • 100/10 Mbps Ethernet port (self-negotiation of data speeds and flows), RJ-45 connection (100 BASE-T/10 BASE-TX) OPTION: WIFI, POE, GPRS
  • Two RS232/RS485 series ports. (RTC/RNIS/GPRS MODEM extension)
  • 1 “RSACQ” local bus to manage a network of peripherals (external drives, access control devices, 4 I/O extension module to manage meters and relays, etc.)
  • 1 drive extension port (external CAB drive, spray, gun)
  • 1 USB “Host” port (storage, IRDA, series extension, etc.)

OPTION: 1 USB “OTG” port


The pre-packaged access solution

e-Axe’s, provides you with secure access to your buildings, rooms, parking spaces or even the opening of a turnstile.

The identification of individuals by means of a secure badge plus the interface tools provided enable establishing access rules and authorisations.

It becomes possible to supervise points of access, such as access times, circulation direction, as well as access opening in cases of emergency.

The platform is capable of: generating alerts depending on the definitions adopted, archiving the log, importing and exporting databases, etc.

E-Axe’s is the access solution that meets all your expectations, feel free to contact us.